portrait of me

About me

Hi I’m Nikola, 25 years and living in Copenhagen. I have an AP degree in Multimedia Design and finished my Bachelor in Web Development at KEA in 2019. My passion is for design and development both digitally and for print and I have a very creative mindset. Since I was little I have always known that I wanted to do something creative.

I’m very ambitious and committed to my work. The small details matter and that’s often what makes a perfect result. As a person I'm very social and smiling and I love what I do, which is reflected in my work.

During my education at KEA I’ve acquired several competencies within communication, UX design/testing, web design, programming, video editing, animation, app design and project management.



Web development

Within web development I have experience with HTML, CSS, SASS, front-end frameworks, JavaScript, PHP and Python. I have created several fullstack systems using JavaScript and PHP and set them up to a MySQL database. Python I have used for security purposes like password hashing, cryptography and algorithms. At last I also have a lot of experience with WordPress and setting up child themes to customize it.


UX Design and testing

I have worked a lot with user-centered design and I therefore understand the importance of listening to the users need and preferences for the solution. When working with user-centered design and user experience it's important to test the solution. I have worked with several types of usability testing including BERT, A/B test, Trunk test and Guerrilla test.


Graphic design

Within graphic design, I have worked with different areas. I have a lot of experience designing mock-ups, wireframes, info graphics, icons, illustrations and visual identities. I have experience with many of Adobes programs especially Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After effects and Adobe Experience Design.


Concept Development

I have a very creative mindset, I'm good at brainstorming and coming up with ideas and concepts. Although it is hard to come up with revolutionary ideas every time, I always end up with something that meets the clients or users needs and expectations.