This is where the magic happens

We are a hand-made vegan organic ice cream popsicle company called NICECREAM in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our little shop/kichten in Elmegade, Nørrebro is buzzing with energy. This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow - pirate so brave. A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga. Raven locks sway, on the ocean's breeze.

Why coconut creme?

If you are lactose intolerant, frozen coconut milk mimics traditional ice cream beautifully. You could even pop coconut cream into an ice cream maker along with additional flavorings and get similar results as you would with cream, except for the wonderful addition of a light coconut flavor. Plus, the healthy fats in coconut milk are known to assist with weight loss and metabolism. Eat ice cream and keep a trim tummy? Yes, please!

Handmade and organic

All of our ingredients and products are organic and handmade. This is important for us because we want healthy animals and sustainable ecosystems. We want to feel good and make informed food choices that satisify both our appetite and our conscience. When you chose Nicecream you’re speaking out in support of organic products and letting conscientious businesses and farmers know that what they’re doing is valued and worthwhile. We appreciate it.